The Administrative Core provides overall oversight, coordination, and logistics support for the operation of CHAAMPS.

Aim 1. Efficiently and effectively manage the overall operations of CHAAMPS and monitor progress on the research objectives of CHAAMPS;

Aim 2. Allocate and manage personnel and the financial accounts related to CHAAMPS activities, provide fiscal oversight of all projects and cores, and implement processes for need and use of shared resources;

Aim 3. Coordinate and schedule all external and internal meetings and conferences, including meetings of the Executive Committee, Steering Committee, and external experts and consultants; maintain records and logs for budgetary and regulatory purposes; and proactively identify potential non-compliance situations before they become problematic;

Aim 4. Facilitate communications and provide information; specifically, facilitate communication and collaboration among CHAAMPS investigators; between the CHAAMPS, EMPaCT Consortium, and other U54 TCCs; and with NIH and the NIMHD-assigned scientific collaborators; oversee and monitor all communications, including progress reports, publications, and grant updates;

Aim 5. Organize and staff annual CHAAMPS retreats to: (1) explore priority research areas; (2) facilitate interactions between researchers; and (3) disseminate research and pilot results to Consortium members;

Aim 6. Assure that all CHAAMPS-supported research is carried out in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations and policies;

Aim 7. Provide experimental design and biostatistical support to research projects and pilot.