The Research Core serves as the nucleus connecting the partnering institutions’ research activities while incubating new research ideas.

Our objective is to advance the understanding of racial/ethnic disparities as they relate to African American men’s health throughout the life course, with the goal of developing and implementing interventions to address these disparities. We pursue this objective in two ways:

1) by developing and testing interventions directed at the most important causes of morbidity and mortality at various stages during the life course of African American males; and

2) by studying the development and progression of risk factors for the main causes of morbidity and mortality of African American males over the life course, as well as factors related to racial/ethnic health disparities, utilizing data from ongoing longitudinal epidemiological studies.

Aim 1. Oversee the implementation of two collaborative research subprojects;

Aim 2. Provide research support for CHAAMPS investigators working in the thematic area of the Consortium – disparities in African American men’s health over the life course – and for junior faculty participating in the Pilot Project Program;

Aim 3. Facilitate the submission for extramural funding (R01, R21, R03, etc.) of new research projects in African American men’s health, developed at UAB, UMN, and other partnering institutions;

Aim 4. Integrate multiple sources of expertise in African American men’s health and life-course research, minority health, and health disparities research throughout our regions and nationally, to allow for intellectual cross-fertilization and leveraging of resources.