Meet our Community Partner Pastor Marcus Davidson


National USA Foundation, Inc.

Rev. Dr. Marcus D. Davidson
Chairman of the Board
Miss Toni Demetria Smith

The National USA Foundation, Inc. (NUFI) is a collaborative partner for three CHAAMPSpilot projects, with additional collaborations expected in 2017. To learn more, click on each of the projects below.

This partnership is integral to improving the healthy lifestyles of African American men and eliminating and/or decreasing the incidence of chronic diseases. By working together directly with the community, CHAAMPS researchers, in partnership with Church leadership, are able to educate parishioners on disease prevention, nutrition, and fitness. This outreach effort is fundamental to NUFI’s core values of FAITH or faithfulness, advocacy, integrity, teaching, and health (FAITH). One of the many goals for NUFI is to assist individuals to develop and lead a healthy lifestyle. Its core mission to seek, promote, and improve excellence in education, healthy lifestyles, community enrichment, volunteering, and stewardship. NUFI’s in partnership with CHAAMPS is working to make a difference in the lives of individuals and institutions throughout the world.

Building upon its vision to be transformative and holistic for the enhancement of humanity, a Men’s Health page focused on health initiatives, including Men’s Health Month held in June to provide health resource information is now available on the NUFI website. The concept of Pray, Plan, and Partner Up (3 Ps) was utilized to encourage a brother to pray, encourage a brother to plan to lead a healthy lifestyle, and partner up with a friend and encourage them to workout. The Foundation created and prepared health promotion videos to assist in education awareness for topic areas of diabetes, fitness, heart, pharmacy – prescription drugs, and stroke.

NUFI will celebrate five years of existence in 2017. To learn more about NUFI or to contribute to their efforts visit