Men’s Health Month

June is men’s health month, which is a topic we here at CHAAMPS care greatly about. Specifically we want to emphasize ways in which we can improve African American men’s health. While we have our own projects and efforts, we also want to point out other organizations that are dedicated to improving men’s health. One great place to go is the Office of Minority Health  official website, there you can find information and forms of education on minority health.

Another great resource dedicated to African American men’s health is one of our sponsors, 100 Black Men. On their website they provide multiple programs and resources for black men’s health and wellness, as well as mentorship programs on improving black men’s lives.

While this a month dedicated to men’s health, we find that improving men’s health and specifically African American men’s health disparities an issue worthy of year round awareness. If you want to take part in this month of awareness you can visit the many organizations (Including CHAAMPS) dedicated to men’s health, or you can use #menshealthmonth on social media to describe what men’s health means to you.