Many tests that guide management decisions have not been validated among African American men, which may be one potential contribution to the disparity in prostate cancer outcomes.  Prostate cancer care is moving toward treatments based on molecular signatures of tumors found in individual men.  These new tests such as Oncotype DX for prostate require validation in African American men as well as Caucasian men as it unclear these tests perform similarly in these two groups of men.  Failure to do so may enlarge the disparities and negative outcome by African American men with prostate cancer.

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Testing a new risk stratification tool in African American men diagnosed with prostate cancer

Christopher Warlick, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota Charles Rogers, PhD, CHES, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota   Prostate cancer disproportionately affects African American men, who can be twice as likely to be diagnosed with, and die from, this disease as their Caucasian counterparts. There are many different reasons for this statistic: social and … Continued